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Other live broadcasters that discuss topics in science:

Deanna C. Hooper (@DCHooper91): topics in cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics.  In other words, the universe.

Julia Majors (@Feynwoman): general topics in physics, photonics, and yes - lasers!

Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology, RWTH Aachen University (@TTK_RWTH): broad topics in cosmology & astronomy

Dr Christian Sasse (@sassephoto): nature & astronomy

Chris Stubenrauch (@cjstuben9): topics in astronomy

Dennis Hands (@DennisRHands): astronomy teacher, broad topics in astronomy

The Monterey Bay Aquarium (@MontereyAq): all things aquarium

Bob the Cat (@bobber4143): mischevous feline who plays with microscopes & dishwashers in very interesting ways.

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