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Ian McLaughlin | @_Anthropoid

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, and I'm trying to map out the specific neurons & connections between them that are responsible for causing addiction and problematic anxiety.  

Studies show a strong link between high levels of anxiety and addiction, and given the absence of any highly effective treatment for either condition, my efforts are to understand what specific parts of the brain should be targeted to selectively and effectively cure these conditions.

 As innovations in pursuit of better treatments will involve both public and private sector engagement, I'm on the boards of the Penn Science Policy Group and Penn Biotech Group to better learn how these relationships might be improved.

A major goal of mine is to bring the research, that people outside of science support with their taxes, closer to them.  Right now, for someone outside of academia to read the publications that my work - which they've funded through their taxes - generates, they will need to pay a premium for access.  We call this additional cost the 'paywall' - and, in addition to my research goals, I hope to do what I can to help communicate those discoveries to folks who don't have the necessary subscriptions.  

I regularly have informal chats on Periscope (@_Anthropoid), where we talk about everything from Alzheimer's & ADHD to how drugs work & why we have dreams - and I demonstrate techniques like fluorescence microscopy.  I also have recorded conversations with a fellow scientist about specific topics on our podcast, Wired to be Weird.



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